Skin looks and feels softer, smoother and healthier through exfoliation. All natural ingredients are combined with natural oils or butters to remove dead cells, revealing the younger skin below. 

60 minutes  $100 (includes a 30 minute massage)

90 minutes  $140 (includes a 60 minute massage)

Lemon Basil & Salt

Increasing circulation is only the beginning of the benefits provided by this scrub which uses salt from the Dead Sea, fresh organic basil and lemon zest. The addition of organic coconut oil rejuvenates your skin and allows thorough exfoliation without irritation. It also vastly enhances the healing benefits of the basil and lemon, which include boosting the immune system as well as reducing inflammation.

Coffee TALK

This aromatic scrub is made with fresh coffee beans that have been infused with the fragrance of vanilla. Coffee is clinically proven to stimulate circulation, as well as providing powerful antioxidant and tightening benefits when applied topically.The addition of organic brown and turbinado sugars improves the buff. 

Lavender Mint & sugar

Sweeten the texture of your skin with a moderately aggressive, delicious smelling combination of dried lavender flowers, fresh mint and essential oils combined with turbinado sugar.

honey pie

Made from organic raw almonds, rolled oats, honey and just a touch of Dead Sea salt.  It's good enough to eat, but we'd prefer to pamper you with it by increasing your circulation while removing your dusty skin that's often associated with both tanning and cold weather. 



Wraps are designed to help you detox while pumping you full of vitamins and minerals. You'll be painted from neck to foot with products from the earth or the sea, then cocooned in a Mylar sheet and blankets. Enjoy a soothing scalp massage before drifting away while the elements heal you. Your ph will be brought back in balance afterwards.

60 minutes  $115   (includes a 10 minute post-shower rub)

90 minutes   $155   (includes a 40 minute post-shower massage)

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

This mud has absorbed a high concentration of minerals from the Dead Sea, where the waters are renowned for their natural cleansing abilities. The mud is rich in kaolin and silicates, drawing out excess oils and impurities from your pores. The high mineral levels give your skin natural stimulation while gently lifting away dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, more vibrant layer of skin. 

Seaweed Body Wrap

Seaweed, a concentrate of seawater is similar to the fluid present in the human body. The skin, which is an organ of exchange, sweats out toxins while gaining nourishment from the vitamin and mineral-rich seaweed.