What do you think of when you hear the term “Couples Massage”? Do images of cheesy vacations and snobby spa staff run through your head? Do you suddenly and inexplicably feel oily, judged, and so very much alone?  We’re not sure how it happened, but somewhere, somehow, we lost the true meaning of the Couples Massage, and in that, the true meaning of relaxation. So, let’s dispel the myths, shall we?

First off, let’s do away with the idea that a Couples Massage is only for people in a romantic relationship. While that is certainly one option, it is simply not the reality. The truth is, a Couples Massage is a wonderful experience for any pair- from life-partner to workout-partner, and your modesty is never compromised through the duration of the treatment.  At Adagio Massage Co. & Spa, for example, we’ve had everyone from romantic couples, to mother-daughter duos, to best friends! We would even let your dog be your +1, alas, the building does not allow pets. So, for now, just book your Couples Massage for any other human you would enjoy being in the same room with.  You can use it as a time to unwind while you catch up with a loved one. Of course, we often find clients become so relaxed, they forget there is anyone else in the room!

We also need to address the environment.  Not in a climate change way (though, now that you ask, all of our products are eco-friendly), but in a mood type of way.  Your entire experience, not just your massage, should be relaxing and comforting. Dim lights, calming music, and comfortable robes should all be part of the equation- phone conversations, fluorescent lights, and being rushed should certainly not. At Adagio, we recommend you arrive a half hour prior to your appointment so you can change into your robe, settle in and enjoy a glass of champagne, a mimosa or bellini. When your massage is finished, we encourage you to stick around. We offer fresh baked goods and fruit with agave for you to indulge in while you prepare to enter back into reality. The world will be there when you’re ready.

Perhaps the most important part of your Couples Massage is the massage therapist. Your massage therapist should take time with you prior to the treatment to ask about any specific pain points, injuries, or requests.  Your massage will likely differ from your partner’s, and that is OK! The massages should be tailored to the individual’s needs, and any skilled massage therapist will make sure of this.

So, now that you know more about the experience, are you ready to book your Couples Massage?  Who would you share your appointment with?