So, you’re getting your first facial? Lucky you! You are going to totally fall in love with this renewing process, and your skin will thank you. In preparation, here is the low-down on a few things you might want to know before, during, and after your treatment!

1. Know Your Skin

Your aesthetician will take time before the facial to ask you questions and look at your skin. So, be prepared to answer general questions about your skin type- is it more dry than oily? Do you have certain problem areas? Do you have any skincare goals? Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the answers! You asthetician will know what course of action they want to take when they assess your skin- but your input is valued and important, so spend some time thinking about what you want to bring up.

2. Plan Ahead

You wouldn’t wax your upper lip an hour before a dinner party, right? While your skin will be smooth to the touch, and you will feel amazing, it is completely normal to experience redness immediately after your treatment. For this reason, you might want to make sure you plan your facial so that you have ample time to let your skin calm down before you need to show it off.

3. Speak Up

Beauty shouldn’t mean pain! Is there a certain product that you know doesn’t mesh well with your skin? Are you experiencing any itching or discomfort? Let your aesthetician know! Facials are supposed to be soothing and relaxing, but sometimes your skin has other plans. Tell your aesthetician if something doesn’t feel right- they’ll know how to address it and be glad you told them!

4. To Tip, or Not To Tip?

There is nothing worse than getting ready to pay for your appointment, and then realizing you have no idea what to do about gratuity. Will they be offended if I tip? Will they be offended if I don’t? Tipping is optional, and always totally appreciated by your aesthetician. Typically, when adding a gratuity for a service, most people feel comfortable tipping the same way they tip in a restaurant. Anywhere between 15-20% is standard in the industry. However, this could vary from spa to spa, and the receptionist will be more than happy to let you know what is the standard for their establishment.

5. Relax!

Besides leaving you with healthy, clear skin, facials are supposed to be relaxing. You are paying for a treatment that will improve your skin, but like a massage, the environment you are in is still a spa, so you should relax during the process, stay mindful of the process, and just enjoy yourself. You will be amazed at how fast your facial goes, but remember that this is your time, so treat yourself!

We hope that answers all of the questions you might have before your facial! Still wondering about something? Feel free to reach out!