1. It is all about you

First and foremost, your massage is all about you.  The spa is where you go to take time for yourself and your self-care. Try to remember that throughout the process!  You are not an inconvenience. You are not a bother. You are a pleasure, and we are happy to have you!

2. Take it off! (Or don’t!)

Feel free to make yourself comfortable. You can take your undergarments off or you can leave them on- do whatever makes you feel best.  We provide a luxe robe and spa shoes for you to relax in before and after your massage. During your massage, you will be completely covered by (and likely falling asleep between) deliciously soft sheets and a blanket. Your massage therapist will uncover only the body part being worked on. Your modesty will never come into question.

3. It is all about you

We cannot stress this enough!

4.  Have it your way

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a mind reader who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. So, until then, we will rely on you to let us know how we can best tailor your experience. Do you need more, or less pressure? Let your massage therapist know! Got a problem area that needs more attention? Tell us that too!  Don’t really know what you want? That is totally fine as well.

5. No one is judging you

Really, no one is judging you! Promise.

6.  To talk or not to talk

We absolutely love good conversation- but this is your time. We (or you) might start with a few pleasantries to 'break the ice', but we'll never be insulted if you don't want to chat at all. We’re not going to make you hold a conversation if you don’t want to (we aren’t your dentist!) and we certainly don't think you’re being rude if you just want to completely zone out.

7. You might fall asleep

And that is totally fine by us! You’re here to relax.

8. It is all about you

Because it bears repeating.